GTSL eyewear is a practical all rounder suited to racing, touring & especially mountain biking thanks to its lightweight and robust features which are indispensable for this activity.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Skiers and snowboarders should know better than to believe that just because you may occasionally be lucky with a wonderful combination of weather conditions, you suddenly feel that it is ok to leave aside your goggles/glasses and jacket. On sunny days, it is easy to forget your eyes are in for some of the most […]

Skateboarding & Rollerblading

Skateboarding & Rollerblading are further forms of outdoor sport that require clear vision whilst faced with a lot of sudden and sometimes unexpected movement exposing the participant to wipeouts on a ramp or in a rink. Here is where a pair of protective sunnys is important. Something that looks cool & performs to the max! […]

What You Need To Know About Sports Eye Wear

Generally when you start looking around for sun protective eyewear the first consideration is appearance, whether they suit your face and if they look or you look cool in them? Well this is not an unreasonable selection criterion; however, the priority may need some further thought.

GT Sunglasses

The GTSL Sport Sunglass design takes everything into consideration so as to always ensure top performance. With a selection of single lens, quick change alternatives, you can snap out in a flash your standard GTSL High Glare Reduction and opt for the Pink Tint Replacement Lens for Medium Sun-glare Reduction & Good UV Protection or […]

Children’s Eyeglasses For Sports

Almost all children face some sort of risk to their eyes when playing sports. Sports sunglasses can be just like regular ones worn outdoors. However, many variations exist in order to fit the rigors of specific sports. In the past, according to “All About Vision”, handball players often wore goggles, and those who had no […]

What To Look For In Sports Sunglasses

The type of sunglasses you need generally varies depending on what sport you want to do. For cyclists and rollerbladers, glasses that provide more coverage along the sides are key to protect your eyes from dust and insects. Skiers will want to find glasses that cover the eyes and surrounding areas completely. Runners need glasses […]

Gary Travitz

Being an avid sports enthusiast, soccer player, cyclist & skier, the thought came to me, through personal research about the need for something to fill a gap in the market for a specialized sports eyewear.

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The Product Guarantee

This product is covered by a 12 month warranty from date of purchase – we will replace any parts found to be defective through faulty manufacture. Proof of purchase must be returned with the complete product.

GT Sunglasses

TDS Pty Ltd started 25 years ago in Sydney, specializing in the import & manufacture of unique products to introduce into the Australian market. Several products were developed & distributed over the years, until the idea came about to develop a new line of protective sports sunglasses.